You In Improving Your Home Value

Refreshing the paintwork is one way to greatly improve a house’s value. If the paintwork is still sound, then washing with sugar soap can revitalize it so it looks new.

If you decide to repaint, then often it is not necessary to do every room, just stick to the main areas, entrance, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Neutral colours are always best as they help people visualize the space better and fit with.

If your home is cluttered and disorganised it can help produce feelings of stress and anxiety while inhibiting creativity and productivity. It also makes the home seem smaller and even unclean. When the first prospective buyer first enters your home, it should be seen to be spotlessly clean and tidy. All papers should be removed from kitchen areas and the linen in cupboards should be neat and well folded. Closets tidy and beds in bedrooms made without children’s toys looking messy. Just get rid of everything you do not need and do not plan on taking with you when you sell your home.

Sometimes it is not practical for a homeowner to be objective, especially with the smaller details that buyer notice, so ask a professional Real estate agent to look over your place and suggest the things they consider will improve its salability and value.

Small things like replacing old light fittings and worn taps, resealing around the bath or shower and replacing the shower curtain can make a huge difference.

First impressions for prospective buyers are often the most important as they often asses your property based on their emotional response to what they see. So having your property looking its best is paramount, details like the floor, the kitchen and bathrooms are important for getting the best price.

Often the first thing people do when looking for a new home is to drive around and look first, so what they see from the curb is very important. Having good curb appeal will improve a buyer’s perception of a house’s value.

Ensure that lawns, trees and shrubs are tidy and pruned with tidy paths and edges.

Buying a few brightly coloured potted annuals to place near the entrances, on decks and in the garden can improve the visual appeal.

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