Mounting a TV on the Wall: Step by Step Guide

You have finally purchased that flat screen TV you have been wanting for some time. Now you have a decision to make. Will you mount it, or will you set it on a sturdy cabinet? There are some good reasons for mounting it. Here are a few:

  • Sleeker design
  • Less clutter
  • Space saver
  • Ability to angle your TV for the ultimate viewing experience
  • Potential to hide wires and cables

Location, Location, Location

As it turns out, mounting a TV is a little like assessing real estate. It is all about the location. While you want your TV to be in an aesthetically pleasing spot in your room, remember that you need to be able to watch it comfortably once it is installed.

In a perfect world, your TV would be mounted to be at eye level when you sit down to watch. Positioning it so that you are not looking at it from an angle will give you the best viewing experience.

In cases where you must mount the TV above eye level, you can purchase a tilting wall mount kit so that you can angle the screen down to watch it. A tilted angle may also help reduce potential glare.

Many people like the idea of mounting a TV above the mantel of the fireplace, but some professional installers discourage this choice. While it can be done with the appropriate amount of planning and attention to detail, it is a more difficult type of installation and, depending on your use of your fireplace, may expose your television to harmful levels of heat or soot.

The other factor to consider when deciding where to mount your television is what you intend to do to hide the wires and cables. Generally, the closer to an outlet you mount it, the less hassle you will have with hiding unsightly cables and wires.

Mounting a TV to Drywall

If you choose to mount your TV to drywall, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • a wall mount kit sized correctly for your TV
  • a stud finder
  • drill and assorted bits
  • level
  • screw drivers
  • tape measure
  • pencil

Once you have these items, it is time to mount your TV, following the steps below.

Step by Step Instructions

1) To save trouble later, read the directions that came with your TV and with your wall mount package before proceeding.

2) If it has a pre-assembled base upon which it stands, gently place your it screen-side down on a soft blanket and remove the base.

3) Locate the four mounting holes on the back. For some models, you may have to pry the plastic caps off of the holes. Attach the mounting arms to the holes on your TV. Be sure to use the bolts that came with your kit to do this. Do not over-tighten the bolts. Before proceeding, make sure your mounting arms are level.

4) Once you have determined where you want to place your TV, use a stud finder to locate the two studs in your wall that will support the unit. Remember that it is heavy, so use care to find your studs. Drywall alone will not support the weight.

5) Use your pencil to mark the center of each stud. Test with a small nail to ensure you are in the right place.

6) Measure the distance between the top and bottom holes on your mounting arms. Mark two spots in the center of the wall studs to correspond to the position of these holes.

7) Use a level to ensure that the spots you have marked are even.

8) Use a power drill to drill pilot holes in the four spots you have marked.

9) Attach the wall bracket plate to the wall using the hardware provided in the wall mount kit. Before tightening fully, ensure that that wall bracket is level. If it is not, make adjustments to level it before tightening your bolts or screws for the final time.

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