Expert Guide to Choosing Interior Door Handles and Knobs

Door hardware, if chosen carefully, can transform any room and give it a touch of glam. There is a myriad of styles to choose from, depending on which door you are going to install them on.

Internal doors are a basic and functional of a house, serving as both separators and entrance points between different living spaces. A contemporary four-bedroom home may typically feature between 10 and 17 internal doors, but this number can reach even higher, especially in more traditional properties.

No door is complete and purposeful without the proper door hardware, and the choice of levers, knobs, or handles you make will be a subtle, yet essential detail. They can act as adornment for a room, helping pull together different design elements and helping the natural flow through the house, from room to room.

While door hardware may be physically small items, the style you select has to sit well within the general design of the house. Also, the hardware needs to serve the purpose and be durable enough for carrying out important use day-to-day. 

There are a ton of options when it comes to type, size, and design, and you’ll need to find the style that will complement your house the most.

Lever Handles or Knobs?

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One of the major decisions you have to make regarding door hardware is whether you’ll go with door knobs or handles. There are plain and simple styles available, along with more intricate and decorative options.

Door Knobs

Door knobs have been available the longest and are a popular option, particularly for period properties. Nevertheless, with all the innovations that have been made in materials, designs and features, knobs can also add aesthetic value to both traditional and modern style homes.

Door Lever Handles

Door lever handles, on the other hand, provides a better grip. As with knobs, there are a ton of different finishes and designs available for every style of property. They, however, mostly appear more modern than traditional door knobs.

Door Style and Finish

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The style of the door itself is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when selecting door handles and knobs.


Panelled doors are often found in listed buildings that require doors to match pre-existing doors, or meet the planning standards. The panels can be either flat or raised, with four or six paneled doors being a favorite choice for traditional properties.


Boarded doors can look wonderful in both traditional and contemporary houses. For example, ‘cottage style’ is perfect for cottages and barn conversions or for rustic-themed houses, but is also becoming popular with modern properties too.


Painted finishes are ideal for creating a modern look. The varieties range from subtle creams and off whites, right through to bold blues and greens.

Other Factors to Consider:

  • How big and heavy are the doors? Make sure that the hinges can bear the weight and mass of the door. 
  • How often are the doors going to be used? 
  • Are they easy for the elderly and the young?
  • Will everyone be able to turn the knobs without hitting their knuckles on the door stops?

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