Decorate your Home

This is a cute way to bring nature indoors. Have a centrepiece like a basket or a rustic wooden box and load it with colourful fruits. You can also have a decorative tray filled with refreshing and aromatic limes, lemons and oranges. You can get your children engaged by letting them arrange the fruits and deciding where they should be placed. Who knows? You just may get them to enjoy eating fruits too!

Is there anything more soothing than the presence of flowers! Fill clay pots with daisies, roses, geraniums and place them on tabletops and shelves to brighten spaces. You can add more interest with pine cones, rose hips, sweetgum pods and moss. Get your children involved by asking them to make handmade flower holders, or use old jars and use ribbons for decoration. They’ll love decorating their home with nature.

If your home’s in need of a pick-me-up and you have the money, consider replacing the flooring with eco-friendly options like cork or bamboo. They may be pricey but they’re hypoallergenic and absolutely gorgeous, not to mention so inviting to your tiring feet. And if replacing the entire floor is too expensive, you could have accent flooring with a portion of the floor done up in cork or bamboo.

Do your children love collecting pretty pebbles or wood pieces? Do they love going sea shell-hunting? Turn their little adventures into something worth displaying. Take their pebbles, sea shells, sand and broken pieces of wood, and put them into glass jars. Set them on top of mantels, shelves and tables to create lovely accents.

Just mount small plants to a painted board and slip them into a frame or a shadow box to give your children’s rooms an interesting element. You can also do the same with twine, shimmery stones and sand. Make a mom-kids project out of this nature-inspired decorating idea and hang the finished creations on the walls for all to see.

Entice your senses with the magical fragrance of nature itself. Whether you like the sweet aroma of flowers or the woody scent of spices, nature can offer both. Ribbon up some cinnamon bundles and add pieces of pumpkin for a lovely aroma. You can also bundle rosemary, bay leaves and thyme for an amazing fragrance.

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