The best movies on Amazon Prime Video

When Amazon debuted Amazon Prime more than a decade ago, CEO Jeff Bezos and company simply wanted to give their loyal customers a chance to save some money on shipping costs. As the service gained a massive subscription base, the company continued adding a slew of incredible perks, such as access to Prime Pantry, same-day […]


Have you ever really thought about how dance can be beneficial to a whole community?    By now, we all know the personal benefits of dance, but it’s also good to consider how it helps the public, as well.  It is an amazing art form that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and healthy minds and bodies.  Dancing […]

The best music apps for iOS and Android

Based on our independent research, we estimate that there are probably between a zillion and a jillion different music apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store. Those aren’t exact figures, but we reckon we’re not far off. With all these choices, you have access to just about any type of music program imaginable, […]

Rising Bands To Listen to in 2019

It’s an exciting time for music. The barriers to entry are lower than ever and technology has made music-making tools accessible to young people with an internet connection, wherever they live. While much of the conversation in 2018 and 2019 has focused on solo stars and rap music’s rise to pop culture’s driving force, there are great […]

Advantages of a Trade Show

Involvement at trade shows creates many benefits for your company in the marketing world. Here are ten reasons why your company should invest in a trade show: 1. Cost Effective Trade shows offer budget friendly solutions to market your brand and sell your product. With a simple booth, some technological accessories and selling charm, conventions […]

Indian Musicians You Have To Know

Indian music takes many forms: classical, folk, and pop music. India has been blessed with a number of gifted musicians, who have mesmerized listeners from around the globe with their art. Let’s take a look at seven Indian musicians you should add to your playlist. Ustad Bismillah Khan A spectacular shehnai player, Khan was a musician who […]